Tau Design

Tau Diseño was founded in 1980. Since then the studio has offered comprehensive design services, able to meet –and often anticipate– customer needs and future demands, covering all aspects of identity and communication in order to optimize visibility and presence in the market place, in public institutions, and in society.

More than 40 years define Tau Diseño as a company with extensive experience offering solutions for visual resources as part of Corporate Identity; offering the team and means of a large company, while maintaining the closeness and service that only a small one can offer.

  • More than 40 years helping companies and institutions define and design their identity programmes in a systematic manner.
  • Offering coherent solutions within an entity’s strategy by means of all types of communication supports.
  • Analyzing the variables that influence a project in order to provide an adequate response as opposed to an arbitrary or purely aesthetic one.
  • Contemplating all the resources of visual identity, offering a consistent graphic solution –not isolated or random– but in the context of a complete system of communication resources, with a coherent message.
  • Assessing the quality of service and appreciating the details. A complete work attitude and philosophy.
  • Always seeking recognition and notoriety. Achieving the efficiency that all corporate identity programmes pursue.
  • Designs that are recognizable, open and capable of evolving define Tau Diseño’s creative design concept.
  • A professional team integrating analytical methodology, technical discipline and artistic sensibility.
  • Innovative responses that go beyond the conventional, able to adapt to the changes imposed by society or market dynamics, without resorting to closed or unmovable solutions.
  • Focusing identity programmes in a comprehensive manner.


After more than four decades Tau has demonstrated its ability to create visual environments providing communication solutions in situations of change, when it is necessary to modify cultural needs and ways of perceiving reality.

Tau Diseño has achieved a unique style, whose efficiency is the product of combining the rigor of graphic design with the language of the visual arts. This cultural root of design, deeply European, allows them to generate differentiating solutions, which bind the precision, consistency and beauty

Tau is creativity, experience, rigor, strategy, technique, positioning, capacity, service, professionalism

Coherent, careful, modern, rigorous... a few adjectives that are just an approximation of Tau’s graphic design work has been since it was born in 1980

Awards & Press

  • Donside Special Award 1994. Editorial design. Great Britain.
  • Gold Laus 1994. Editorial graphic design. Spain.
  • Certificate of Typographic Excellence 1995. Type Directors Club. New York.
  • AEPD (Asociación Española de Profesionales del Diseño) Annual Awards 1995. Spain.
  • Laus Diploma 1996. Editorial graphic design. Spain.
  • Gold Donside Awards 1997. Best international magazine and best Spanish work. Great Britain.
  • Certificates of Excellence in 1996, 1998 and 1999 editions of “The European Regional Design”.
  • “Annual”, Print-Rotovision. New York 1996.
  • Letra 2003. National Awards for Visual Comunication and Environment Graphics.
  • AEPD Annual Award 2005. Packaging section. Spain.
  • Quality Award for for the wayfinding system at the Hospital Virgen de las Nieves (Granada), awarded by the Spanish National Health System Ministry of Health. 2009 edition. Spain.
  • “Typography 16” (Watson-Guptill Publications, New York).
  • “Windows of European Design”.
  • “Spanish Design and Architecture” (Emma Dent Coad. Studio Vista/Rizzoli, Londres).
  • “Laus 3-4” 1973-4 and “Laus 25” 1990 (ADGFAD, Barcelona).
  • “Graphis Book Design I” (Graphis Press, New York).
  • “Print” 1996 and 1998. European Design Annual.
  • “Made in Spain” 2001. Index Book, Barcelona.
  • “Type at Work” 2003. Andreu Balius. Index Book, Barcelona.
  • “Select” 2003. Index Book, Barcelona.
  • “Signs of the Century” 2000. One hundred years of graphic design in Spain.
  • “Passion. Spanish Design” 2002.
  • Featured in “Meggs’ History of Graphic Design” 5th Edition, 2010 (Meggs, P. B. Purvis, A. W). New York.
  • Works in the exhibition “Todo es diseño” (All is design) 2011. Coinciding with Icograda Design Week.
  • Design Week 2010. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid.
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