“A huge black bull”

The title of this book is based on a verse by the poet José Bergamín, and pays homage to creators, artists, writers, designers, illustrators and photographers of the mythical Osborne bull designed by Manolo Prieto. The interior of the book features different paper stock, screen-printing and dye cut pages to reflect the diversity of the work included in it.

The book includes collaborations with: Alberto Corazón, Isidro Ferrer, Emilio Gil, Oscar Mariné, Peret, Fernando Gutiérrez, Juan Gatti, Javier Mariscal, Enric Satué, Mingote, Alfredo, Máximo, Peridis or Ralph Steadman.

Client: Osborne, España Abierta
Awards: Gold Laus for editorial design (Spain), TDC (New York) and Donside (Great Britain).