Interactive map for Telxius

As a complementary service to the Telxius website, Tau has created a web application consisting of an interactive map.

It is a visual representation of all Telxius telecommunications cables in which all the information and exact location of the cables and points of the Telxius network are displayed in an organized and simple way.

The idea is to offer the user an interactive experience that allows him to navigate comfortably through the different services of the company. These are sectioned in layers so the user can select the information that is relevant at all times.

For this, we developed this site with Javascript, using the Google API integrated in the WordPress CMS. This allows maximum precision in the geolocation of points and cables and, in parallel, easy management of the back of the application that allows for constant updates.

Client: Telxius
Project: Web app
Languages: Javascript, html, css
Technologies: Google API integrated in WordPress

Visit site:
Telxius map

Downloadable PDF version of the map, available on the web.