Campaign for Rafael Garesse

This year’s election for the rector at the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), resulted in Rafael Garesse being chosen. Tau accompanied him throughout his electoral campaign, designing the graphics and website as the central axis of all his campaign communication.

The website consists of several sections dedicated to the presentation of his candidacy, including the electoral programme, candidate information and proposed governing team. Also, a regularly updated agenda of electoral events and social networking was included, with the idea of ​​mobilizing online the active university public.

At Tau, we proposed a simple design for this project, based on the diversity of colours, reflecting the different audiences and areas of action.

Client: Rafael Garesse
Technologies: Wordpress: html, css and javascript
Year: 2017
See: Rafael Garesse

Following these graphics, we designed various complementary elements, among them the electoral programme, which employs the colour associated directly with the candidate, in addition to leaflets and posters to promoted the candidature of the new rector.