Madrid Book Fair 2016 poster

The Madrid Book Fair celebrates its 75th edition. Much of human experience operates on layers or levels and this Fair has 75 layers. Year after year layers, strata or levels are superimposed, in sequence and occasionally randomly, all are related to what we know as “culture”.

As claimed by the British artist David Hockney, “we understand the present by comparing it with the past –layer on layer”. We believe the closest visual metaphor to this form of growth is an image created by “collage”, the adding, fitting of “pieces” to previous and this, just as in the creative work of writing, creates other images by adjusting what previously existed.

This poster is a collage that has sought to assemble pieces that remit us to a child, a future reader, learning to read and write; printing techniques, the work of designers who create what we call a book and its future.

The physical, tactile, all that we experience at several levels and senses is integrated here, embedded and proud of its materiality. Long live the books!

Client: Madrid Book Fair
Project: Identity and graphics
Year: 2016