Fomento de Centros de Enseñanza – Intranet

This education development centre commissioned the redesign of their intranet interface; an internal communication network to share files, information and from which to access the most basic digital services.

The brief includes various different pages or screens:

  • Home page or desktop, with shortcuts to frequently used applications.
  • Page where content associated with the subjects of the different educational stages can be displayed quickly.
  • Page listing email boxes and design for the interaction buttons for the application.
  • Page with a brief login form.
  • Page that serves as a document repository, from which to download and view files, with a download button and interest index that allows the user to quickly sort the content according to importance.

With programming from scratch relying on a Bootstrap framework and Javascript jQuery library to optimize times, especially when restructuring the content on smartphones and tablets. The interface is responsive and adaptable to all resolutions –a primary requirement from the outset.

The small but powerful DataTables for the Javascript jQuery library was implemented to organize table content in a comfortable, efficient and adaptable manner. This allows the user, with little effort, to search tables, sort content alphabetically or numerically and change its length, among other things.

Client: Fomento de Centros de Enseñanza
Technologies: HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery Data Tables