The Footprint of Sepharad

The Footprint of Sepharad. The Jewish Communities in Spain: History, Heritage, Validity is a publication that delves into the history, legacy and customs of the Jewish communities in Spain.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FJCS) was the driving force behind this project, and its commitment to preserving and promoting Sephardic heritage in the country is evident on every page of this book.

The design, combined with texts by journalist Carlos Aganzo and photographs by Fernando (Nano) Cañas Campoamor, captures the essence of Jewish communities throughout Spanish history. Ornate details on the title pages add a touch of elegance and authenticity to each chapter.

As an introduction to the contents, Isaac Benzaquén Pinto, President of the FJCS, offers a few words highlighting the importance of keeping alive the memory of these communities and their valuable contribution to Spain’s cultural diversity.

The publication contains a striking dust jacket that protects the book and the cover, the latter decorated with a gold stamping on the front cover, which gives it a unique and distinctive character.

In addition, a personalised and exclusive copy was created for King Felipe VI, highlighting its importance on a national and international level. The Footprint of Sepharad is a work that honours the memory and validity of the Jewish communities in Spain and a tribute to the cultural enrichment they have contributed over the centuries.

Client: Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain (FJCS)
Work: Editorial Design
Year: 2022