Wanda Metropolitano Book

This large-scale work unfolds a visual history of Atlético de Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium, offering an important compilation of high-quality, large-format images that span from the stadium’s conception and projection to its first five years of life.

The design of the book is clean, prioritising images over text, allowing the images to tell the story themselves. Throughout its pages, emblematic moments can be appreciated, from the construction phase, to the inauguration, passing through a large number of unforgettable moments of the Colchonera fans, adding depth and context to the visual narrative. They also include commemorative texts written by architects Cruz and Ortiz, the club’s presidents and King Felipe VI.

The publication is not limited to football, but shows, through its 14 chapters, the versatility of the stadium as a venue for cultural events and concerts that have left their mark on the memory of thousands of people, as well as paying tribute to the legends of Atlético de Madrid and their legacy at the club.

Another important aspect dealt with in the book is the fundamental role of the stadium as a vaccinodrome during the COVID-19 pandemic, showing how the community came together in times of crisis to fight the disease.

In short, a visual ode to the Wanda Metropolitano and the five years of history that has hosted the most emblematic moments, the most intense emotions and the greatness and versatility of a stadium that has become a symbol in itself and of the city itself.

Client: Atlético de Madrid
Work: Editorial Design
Year: 2022