Exhibition “Lo que cuenta Novelas y Cuentos. The covers of Manolo Prieto 1940-1957”

Tau Diseño has created and developed the exhibition graphics for What Novels and Stories Count. The covers of Manolo Prieto 1940-1957, in the National Museum of Decorative Arts. Curated by Emilio Gil and Juan Aguilar, the exhibition shows a little-known but essential facet of the pioneer, halfway between art and design, through the covers of the collection Novels and Tales for Dédalo publishing house.

The exhibition focuses on the stages of creation and realization of Manolo Prieto and offers a wide collection of covers accompanied by sketches, final arts, documents and objects of the author that help to compose a total vision of his artistic process. The covers show a large amount of graphic resources of their own and inherited from the Vanguards, resulting in an exceptional capacity for abstraction that is accompanied by Prieto’s undeniable ability to draw.

Client: Manolo Prieto Foundation and National Museum of Decorative Arts
Project: Exhibition design
Year: 2017