Fra Angelico and the beginnings of the Renaissance in Florence

The exhibition “Fra Angelico, and the beginnings of the Renaissance in Florence” is yet another milestone in the maximum level of exhibition with which the Prado Museum celebrates its 200th anniversary. The restoration of The Annunciation that preserves our art gallery is the centre of this exhibition, which is completed with a selection of works by Angelico himself and other artists who worked in that avant-garde production centre that was Florence in the Quattrocento. The exhibition has been curated by the American expert Carl Brandon Strehlke. Tau was in charge of the graphics applied in the exhibition halls and the elements of exterior diffusion, as well as the insertions in printed media, invitations, banners in web media, etc.

For the basic graphics, the type of handwritten Roman calligraphy common in the books of the time was used as a reference, combined with a modern typography, with a nineteenth-century air, whose variants could cover all needs, from posters to urban advertising banners. The selection of the details reproduced in all the supports, always from La Anunciación, emphasized the advances towards Renaissance art that Fra Angelico carried out together with authors such as Masaccio or Donatello. This transition from a late Gothic to a flourishing Renaissance is evident in the exhibition, of which the graphic wants to be a wise companion.

Images of the interior of the exhibition © Museo Nacional del Prado.

Client: Prado National Museum
Project: Exposure graphic
Year: 2019