Zahira is an urban development project encouraged by an amalgam of cultural, tourist and academic exchange initiatives framed within the imprint of Al-Andalus culture. Tau created for the brand a motif consisting of the repetition of the spelling of the name in Arabic, a debtor resource of the Arab cultural tradition.

The file is a square format, in which the inscription of the eight-pointed star is suggested. The composition also uses the modulation of four quadrants, reflecting the four areas of the project: Culture and Entertainment, Academic and Institutional, Tourism and Sport and Leisure. The document is a succession of short texts, maps and, mainly, photographic images and virtual recreations that make up a complete commercial tool.

Bilingual editions have been produced in Arabic-English and English-Spanish. In addition, a sumptuous edition of very few copies has been prepared, including a leather folder and a tablet with videos and extended information.

Client: PHP Investors
Project: Logomarca y Dossier comercial