Visual Identity of the Autonomous University of Madrid

Creation of the visual identity of the UAM that functions as an umbrella for all the communication of the University.

The new image of the UAM maintains the connection with some of the features of the previous identity -such as the differentiation of typographies in their acronyms- also seeking to transmit some new messages.

In the first place, emphasizing, through the thickness of the letter “M”, which is the “Autonomous of Madrid“.

It also incorporates a graphic element – the irregular polygon of four sides – that has become a transversal element of the whole new graphic line of the UAM, that allows to unify the image, relating the different supports and making reference to the physical location of the campus of Cantoblanco, in the northeast zone of the capital.

A change of graphic paradigm, which seeks a gradual implementation in the different areas and channels of communication of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Client: Autonomous University of Madrid
Project: Graphic identity, Logo, manual of use of the brand and applications
Year: 2018