Website for Edelvives

As part of a new strategic plan for digital renewal of Edelvives, Tau has developed the front and has provided technical advice to the firm for the creation of a website in which all the publisher’s information and materials are included.

The objective is to offer content that is more visual, organized and user-friendly. It allows the user to experience comfortable and intuitive navigation through the different pages of the website, facilitating interaction through direct access to the pages.

The challenge was to create a platform that gave graphic cohesion to the publisher’s various design lines and make the content as accessible as possible to a very heterogeneous audience.

This ambitious project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of multiple companies and professionals from different areas.

Client: Edelvives
Project: Website
Technologies: Layout in html and css. Development of the front using javascript, jquery, bootstrap and less (preprocessor of css)

Original graphic design: Andrés Rigo

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