2014 Annual report

MAPFRE is the only IBEX 35 (Spanish Stock Exchange big-cap Index) quoted group specifically dedicated to the insurance business. The 2014 annual report is structured in three parts: Annual Economic Report, Corporate Social Responsibility and Annual Report of its foundation. All the information is offered online in a pdf format and a summary version was printed in two volumes and presented in a folder. This document was distributed to shareholders at the annual meeting.

The graphics for the 2014 annual report recreates, in an iconographic aspect, the company’s business as a process of developing solutions for the customer. Using a tree-shaped flow chart, the concept phase of the different services or strategies appears in the lower level, the brain of the organism. From there upward, the phase of development is represented and, on the superior level, the recipients of the company’s services. The use of colour and geometric language remits to the rational and innovative management habits. The graphics represent an intentional effort to present the information in a visual manner, especially in the Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Igloo, an extra-high quality recycled stock distributed by Torras Papel, was used for the printed elements. The folder is silkscreened and varnished in high-gloss.

Client: MAPFRE
Applications: Annual corporate report