2015 Talgo Annual Report

The emblematic Spanish train manufacturer Talgo chose Tau Diseño for the design of its first annual report after being listed on the Spanish stock exchange. The use of the deep red colour –an unmistakable trait of the graphic personality of the company– became the leitmotif for the report. This corporate colour, in various shades and accompanied by a restricted grey palette as a counterpoint, runs throughout the pages where the company is represented by historical highlights or testimonies of technical managers.

The circular motif is not part of the corporate graphics, but an icon created for this publication, as a reminder of the peculiar window shape of the early Talgo trains. A foundational geometry that now generates a system to construct the quantitative graphs or flow diagrams. It is also a simple representation of a set of elements to create circulation.

Client: Talgo
Project: Annual report
Año: 2016