An exhibition promoted by the NGO “Solidarity Alliance” in the CentroCentro Cibeles space.

Nearly 60 artists, including 3 artists who hold the Spanish National Design Award, a National Photography Prize and recognised names from the world of illustration and collage, who have responded generously, donate their works for a worthy cause.

Aliadas is a magnificent tour of present day Spanish graphics and a realisation of the “small golden age” that illustration is living at present with a mosaic of varied and very appealing proposals.

Curated by Emilio Gil, Tau Diseño is responsible for the graphic exhibition and catalogue. The logo composed of the Aliadas typography conveys graphically –through the use of overlapping, supporting and back-to-back letters to construct the name– the objective of this solidarity initiative. Imandra Project was the company in charge of the installation.

Client: Alliance with solidarity
Project: Curatorship, logotype, exhibition and catalogue graphics
Year: 2016