Annual Report El Corte Inglés 2017

The English Court publishes its 2017 report for the Shareholders’ Meeting with renewed information on its contents and style. Under the heading ‘Non-Financial Report 2017’ economic data and data relating to Corporate Responsibility are broken down, which revolve around the concept of responsibility. The sphere of interest groups is the environment that organizes the set of multidirectional messages: the commitment of the work team, the commitment to the supply chain, the commitment to society or the environment. This account of initiatives and actions is always led by the protagonist’s commitment to the customer. 

The basic graphic idea consists of a grid similar to that generated by the isometric representation. In our case it is the angulation of the iconic triangle of El Corte Inglés that determines the plot. This construction is, at the same time, a space and a network, that is to say, a double representation of the fields in which the business takes place. Their presence, on pages or screens, refers us to the activity of distribution, to geographical breadth, to the Internet environment, to omnicanality…

A limited color palette joins this graphic resource to characterize the different chapters of the report.

The main channel through which this information is disseminated is the Group’s own website. The printed version, of limited diffusion, has been produced following high environmental criteria.

Client: El Corte Inglés
Project: Annual Report
Year: 2018