Annual Report MAPFRE 2018

The graph of MAPFRE’s Annual Report is based on the premise of an economy of visual resources that makes the reader concentrate on the relevant data.

To achieve this, a limited and resounding colour palette was used in contrast with a black and white treatment of the photographs.

As a metaphor for the Company’s transparency, both MAPFRE’s and the Foundation’s Report used a colour-covered vegetable paper that showed data and visual resources superimposed on the content of the pages.

The simplicity of the design on the covers and in the container was emphasized through the use of white, the Company’s red and the monochromatic treatment of the photographs, achieving prominence with the use of two differentiated dies.

The container of both volumes was designed as a double-sided folder to give equal presence to the two reports.

Client: MAPFRE
Job: Annual Report
Year: 2019