Book “Dominando el viento” (Dominating the wind)

Dominando el Viento is a book that clarifies the current state of wind energy in Spain from a rich contextualization of this way of exploiting the forces that are unleashed in our atmosphere.

A journey through the millenary history of the use of windmills in diverse cultures and a detailed analysis of the typologies used in our geography are revealed as the best way to understand the relevance of the use of this energy in our times. The book also explains the geographical premises and atmospheric conditions that the sector must have and the set of technical solutions applied in recent years and today, with a forecast of what the immediate future holds for us.

The publication, coordinated by the economist Jorge Cortina, with a long career in the sector, is the result of multidisciplinary work involving professionals in wind energy engineering. It includes a foreword by José Manuel Sánchez Ron. The result is a profusely illustrated book, with a profile both informative and technical depth, called to become a milestone of publications of this type in Spain.

Client: Anemos Global
Job: Editorial Design
Year: 2019