Catalog and brochure for Eugenio Recuenco’s exhibition


For more than seven years Eugenio Recuenco has been developing his personal and most intimate photographic project, 365º, a series of 369 large-format photographs presented at the CEART in Fuenlabrada, the result of the artist’s joint work with an extensive team of collaborators.

Organised by days of the year (four for 31 December), all the photographs use the same space, a cubicle that is transformed through scenography to create atmospheres that invite fantasy and reflection and that bring the viewer closer to the artist’s cosmovision.

The images are presented in light boxes, developed by the company Clorofila Digital, which take advantage of the dimensions of the room, arranged in the form of a grid. In addition, the photograph corresponding to the first of June has the peculiarity of having been taken with the camera of a Huawei mobile phone, the brand that sponsors the exhibition.

Tau Diseño has prepared the exhibition catalogue. It also includes an inserted booklet, as well as the room brochure, which shows all the photographs in chronological order. All these pieces reflect the idea of the modulation of the cells, the guiding thread of the entire work.

In the case of the catalogue cover, a grid is used with die-cut cells that show details of the photographs. These acquire an essential value especially on the cover, where the author’s name does not appear. The interiors maintain this concept, using a selective varnish with reserves to represent the work as a whole, which uses the same modular format on all the pages, both for the images and the text and for the “empty” spaces.

Client: CEART of Fuenlabrada and Eugenio Recuenco
Project: Exhibition catalogue and brochure
Year: 2019