El Canon nº 5

El Canon is a publication specialized in flamenco. It was born in 2007 as a cultural initiative that, far from the folkloric image and always valuing flamenco as an art, aims to serve as a point of reference for the demanding public that seeks to understand and delve deeper into this complex world.

The magazine revolves around the new masters of flamenco, highlighting a different personality in each issue. Along with current contents, there is an interesting work on the artist that includes interviews and a careful central photographic report. This fifth issue of the magazine is dedicated to the cantaora Rocío Márquez and the central report is by the photographer Carlos Rodríguez.

The publication welcomes musicians, cantaores, bailaores (flamenco dancers), photographers, illustrators, flamencologists and other professionals who, from the point of view of rigour and criticism, raise the number of artists who mark the path of flamenco today.

The edition is being edited by Agapito Pageo, Emilio Gil and Álvaro García (Seisdedos), who also illustrates the number and has Juan Verdú as Honorary President.

The editorial design contributes to reinforcing the image of contemporary flamenco, which, maintaining its character, graphically renews an art so linked to its tradition.

See presentation of the magazine and performance by Rocío Márquez at the Cervantes Institute in Madrid

Project: Periodic magazine
Año: 2019