Do you see?

Series of webs for the “Do you see?” project for the infant section of Edelvives.

The project consists of a micro site, a parallax presentation and varied specific activities for each of the WebQuests.

Client: Editorial Edelvives
Programming: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap Framework and Adobe Edge.

lo-ves microsite
lo-ves presentation


The bulk of the content is loaded progressively using AJAX Javascript, as required by the user and hence accelerates the load times and avoids unnecessary delays.

The project presentation has been improved with an attractive parallax effect and various animations and interactions that help display the content according to user demands.

The WebQuests are interactive activities that start with a fun and motivating challenge that children must solve using search strategies, information selection, problem solving. All directly on the class whiteboard

So far we have developed 3 of the 12 possible activities (Prehistory, Literary villains, Hands).