Educational resource websites aimed at secondary school teachers and students.

Once the Edelvives #somoslink main site was developed, the language adaptations and content for the different publishing brands (Tambre, Baula, Somlink, Ibaizabal) were created.

Client: Editorial Edelvives
Programming: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap Framework

Edelvives #somoslink
Baula #somlink
Tambre #somoslink
Edelvives #Somlink
Ibaizabal #gulink

Home page as it appears in the browser.

Content as tailored to mobile and tablet resolutions. In order to achieve a perfect restructuring of the information on different devices, a Bootstrap framework was used as a starting point.

Overview of the website with all the educational resources deployed. This in turn displays the subject contents when you click on the appropriate cover.

As can be seen, this website proposes just one screen where all the available content is accessed. We developed information blocks to reveal and conceal content according to the interaction. In reality there are many different screens, as in a more conventional web, but all displayed in one place.

Due to the large scale of this site, the contents and images are loaded progressively, on user’s demand, using Javascript AJAX to accelerate loading times and avoid unnecessary delays.