El Canon / flamenco art magazine

is a non-periodical publication that was launched in 2007 in its printed version and now also has a corresponding digital edition. Each issue, under the slogan “los nuevos maestros” (the new masters), features outstanding flamenco artists such as Gerardo Núñez, Eva Yerbabuena, Sara Baras, Mauricio Sotelo, Enrique Morente, Fuensanta la Moneta, Rocío Márquez and Patricia Guerrero, with a modern aesthetic, far removed from folklorist graphic clichés.

As the name itself indicates, each issue of the magazine includes different aspects of art in its relation to flamenco: photography, illustration, design, literature, book reviews are, in the form of a synaesthetic experiment, ways of perceiving with senses other than sound, a world of the musical richness of flamenco. El Canon has Agapito Pageo, Juan Verdú and Emilio Gil as editors and is published thanks to the disinterested contribution of three companies: Nearco, Punto Verde and Tau Diseño.


Client: Tau Diseño
Work: Publishing
Year: 2007 – 2023

Issue dedicated to Gerardo Núñez that includes a photographic portfolio by David Jiménez and reports on the Flamenco Awards and young artists to follow.

Number 0. January, 2007

Eva Yerbabuena photographed by Pablo Neustadt. Articles about the festival “La música de los espejos” at the Olivar de Castillejo in Madrid and a “Joven Generación” of cante, baile and toque artists.

Number 1. June, 2008

Sara Baras is photographed at the Baluarte in Pamplona by David Breckon. “Maestro Sabicas”, information about the exhibition “La noche española” and the book “La voz de los flamencos” by Miguel Mora are included in this edition.

Number 2. June, 2009

Issue dedicated to the relationship between the composer Mauricio Sotelo and Enrique Morente. Luis Valenciano was the author of the photographic report in the Auditorio de Música de Madrid of a rehearsal of the show “Arde el alba” with Arcángel under the direction of Mauricio Sotelo.

Number 3. June, 2011

Fuensanta la Moneta is the new master of this issue, which includes a graphic interpretation of the different palos by the designer Ismael Medina and an article on Lou Reed and his relationship with flamenco.

Number 4. July, 2016

Rocío Márquez is photographed by Carlos Rodríguez in the “Matadero” space in Madrid. This issue displays a collection of illustrations by Seisdedos and the montage that Juan Tomás made in Barcelona from a photo by Enrique Morente.

Number 5. January, 2019

“Memories of the Alhambra” with Patricia Guerrero who in this issue is photographed by Marcos Medina. A notebook of illustrations of dancers by Javier de Juan and the history of the mythical “Carbonería” in Seville by Maribel Aler are part of this issue #6 of El Canon.

Number 6. March, 2023