The Living Sea Book

The Living Sea is a major publishing work that brings together Hussain Aga Khan’s photographic work of recent years.

The book is structured in three blocks: Clarion Call, a photo essay that extols the beauty of the ocean, through a moving combination of images and poetic texts; Diving Stories, accounts of special moments experienced by the author in his many expeditions; and The Living Sea, an Exhibition, a multicoloured mosaic of images and commentaries on marine species. As additional content, the volume includes quotes from relevant authors who have guided Hussain Aga Khan’s vision since adolescence, a description of the NGO Focused On Nature, founded by the author, and a dataset on the status of cetacean, shark, sea turtle and pinniped species.

The book is published by La Fábrica and printed by Brizzolis, and has been distributed internationally.

Opening the book is an immediate immersion. There are no courtesy pages, no conventional prefaces. The first words are those of the author’s heartfelt dedication to the admired David Attenborough. From there, the superbly printed, extraordinary images aspire to draw the reader into the fascination with life in the seas that the photographer wishes to share.

Client: Hussain Aga Khan
Work: Editorial Design
Year: 2022