Their Majesties’ Retiring Room

Located in the permanent collection of the Museo Nacional del Prado, a temporary installation of works and objects has been opened that recreate to a great extent a room and an annexed room used by Fernando VII and his wife María Isabel de Braganza as a “Rest Cabinet”. The room was a cabinet of paintings reminiscent of figures of the Bourbon dynasty and included still lifes, landscapes and other portraits, forming a recreation area for the monarchs, inserted in that palace of art that constitutes the museum and owes much in its origins as such to the aforementioned wife of King Ferdinand. The installation presents the toilet room, which includes the toilet and other related objects and is decorated with magnificent mural paintings. A very interesting drawing of Villanueva’s original project is also on display.

This exhibition has a specific graphic, inscribed in the general permanent collection, which is manifested fundamentally in the “mancheta” or typographic block used in the area of access to the room and in the bilingual brochure published for the occasion

Cliente: Museo Nacional del Prado
Trabajo: Applied Graphics
Año: 2019