A painting for a nation. The execution of Torrijos

Creation of the diffusion graphic and room for the Exhibition “A painting for a nation. El fusilamiento de Torrijos”, from the El Prado National Museum.

Both in the choice of font and in the ornamental elements that make up the manchette of the exhibition has sought reference to the graphic style of the nineteenth century.

Reflected in the choice of a Scottish traditional typeface, with a strong contrast of thickness in its layout, the exhibition graphic also includes the use of the diagonal line as an abstract reference to the decorative ornaments of mourning and framing used in the typographic compositions of the time.

The diffusion graphic of the exhibition bets on the choice of a detail of the painting apparently marginal, but with a great dramatic load. Reinforced by the silhouette of the figure and the use of a range of austere and elegant backgrounds.

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Customer: El Prado National Museum
Job: Exhibition Graphics
Year: 2019