Comics for Signo Editores

Signo Editores proposed an ambitious project to compile a collection of ten volumes dedicated to the story of two famous comic characters that have become part of the Spanish collective memory.
The renowned adventures of “Mortadelo y Filemón” –a pair of detectives created by Ibáñez– and “Capitán Trueno” –a character devised in 1956 by the scriptwriter Víctor Mora Pujadas and cartoonist Miguel Ambrosio Zaragoza (Ambrós)– are presented, for the first time since their creation, with the thoroughness and formal treatment that befits the relevance they have gained over the years.

Both collections required in-depth historical study, iconographic analysis and chronological cataloguing carried out by the specialist Antoni Guiral.

The overall design of the collections sought to reflect the impact of the original drawings, while at the same time creating a unique visual identity that stood apart from previous editions designed principally for sale in news stands.

The starting point was an impactful collection of covers and cartoon strips that represent the various eras in the long and varied history of the characters. The initial approach for the covers is to highlight, using enlarged details, the distinctive features of the characters and their expressive recourses. These expressive graphic details serve to draw the reader’s attention to the signature styles of Ibáñez and Ambrós.

Each volume is protected by a folded dust jacket featuring an aspect of the “Mortadelo y Filemón” or “Trueno” universe and imagery. The famous costumes, T.I.A. secret passes, gadgets, “Profesor Bacterio” inventions; swearing, onomatopoeia, etc, even Ibáñez himself is included in the full creative process on the cover of the last volume of the “Mortadelo y Filemón” collection. Similarly the weapons, warrior costumes or secondary characters are highlighted in the “Capitán Trueno” series.

The use of colour on the covers –spot black on a contrasting direct background colour– favours the creation of the signature and recognizable editorial graphics.

Each hardback volume is bound in cloth, screen-printed and protected by a folded dust jacket, and contains a surprise in the interior: a collection of original covers. As a gift to the readers, each volume includes a thematic poster featuring the key graphic signatures of each of the characters. This piece summarizes visually the unique attributes of each collection and become a collector’s item.

The design solution for the spines of the ten volumes within the collection displays an image that is completed when all are viewed together. In addition, the collection box maintains the same overall graphics making it of great interest for buyers.

Cliente: Signo Editores