Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer. Parallel Visions

The exhibition “Velázquez, Rembrandt, Vermeer. Miradas afines” continues the excellent programme designed by the Prado Museum to celebrate its 200th anniversary.

Curated by Alejandro Vergara, the exhibition raises the idea of proximity between the Spanish and Dutch pictorial cultures throughout the Baroque period, both through the use of common pictorial themes and solutions and through the coincidence in the use of certain technical resources.

The process of designing the graphic line is based on the choice of a typeface that revises and updates the tradition of the Dutch typographic eyes of the time, as well as the incorporation of the colour orange as an indisputable reference to the Dutch; a colour that functions as a luminous counterpoint to the tenebrist scenes represented in many of the paintings gathered in the room.

The main museum resource is, at all times, the contraposition of pairs of related works of both nationalities in the same physical space. To this end, a spectacular enumeration of artists is carried out that goes beyond the three present in the title; this allows us to incorporate at the beginning of the visit the same concept of enumeration or “listing” in the graphics of the exhibition. All this worked through enlargements of works partially hidden behind the architecture, from which the glances of the characters of the paintings observe us discreetly.

Images of the interior of the exhibition © Museo Nacional del Prado.

Customer: Prado National Museum
Work:Exposure graphic
Year: 2019