New image for the GES Group

The acquisition of Almudena Seguros by Ges Seguros has created a new structure of companies giving birth to the new GES Group.

Tau Diseño had already created the visual identity of GES Seguros in 2007, an image that has been maintained to date both in its printed information needs and in the identification of the insurer’s offices.

In the work process, Tau initially worked on two different lines: an image completely different from the ones that Ges Seguros and Almudena Seguros had before, and another one thought as an evolution of the previous one, a retouching based on the two linked or supported Ges. The work process finally led to a mixed solution.

Starting from the name GES that is maintained, therefore the association with the letter “G” was justified, also looking for some part of the symbol to “come to life” in the minds of the people who see it, since a brand basically identifies, informs and transmits, but also has the possibility of telling a story.

Therefore, the objectives pursued were:

-Maintain a certain relationship of continuity with the previous symbol.

-To establish graphic constants that could be applied to the three new brands to be created: GES SEGUROS, ALMUNDENA SEGUROS and GRUPO GES.

-Tell a story

-To “humanize” the symbol, conveying the relationship between the client and the agent.

-Connote friendliness and closeness (nothing better than a smile).

-Convey the concept of support and backing to the customer.

-Suggesting a positive future with an arrow pointing upwards

-Create a memorable, powerful, identifying image.

Client: Ges Group
Project: Branding
Year: 2021