Development of Transparency Portal, Arenales Red Educativa.

The Transparency Portal is a project of Arenales Red Educativa, an institution that has educational centers throughout the world.

The objective of the portal is to disseminate and publish relevant information on schools, such as their mission, vision, values, educational offer, educational concerts, budgets, and academic results.

The portal meets the criteria of visibility, accessibility, timeliness and integrity of information, and has received the three-star Seal of Transparency from the Haz Foundation.

The portal is a sign of the schools’ commitment to transparency and good governance, and an invitation to discover their dedication to serving families and society. The portal is open to all school interest groups and can be accessed from the main web page of each center.

Client: Arenales Educational Network
Work: Digital
Technology: CMS: WordPress. Customization of functionalities with html, js, css, php.
Year: 2022