“Garabato” and “Trazo” collections

Signo Editores commissioned Tau Diseño when they incorporated a new children’s line to their editorial offer, for which they required the new visual identity and the design of two collections, “Garabato” (Doodle) and “Trazo” (Stroke).

The project involved creating the overall graphic style, and included the layout of contents, selection and management of the work of 9 illustrators –including Marta Chicote, Eduardo Estrada, Lorenzo Gómez and María Pascual

“Garabato” consists of 12 volumes and is aimed at children between 3 and 7 years of age, a collection whose common theme is the months of the year. An expert team in psychology of education supervised the Spanish and English contents.

“Trazo” has 12 volumes aimed at children between 8 and 14 years, with contents based on children’s novels in Spanish and English with thematic supports and songs in English.

The design of both collections, with the invaluable collaboration of Jorge Gil Cerracín, included aspects such as typography and font sizes adequate for different ages, relevant illustration style or attractive visual aids for young readers.

To complement both collections, a series of additional elements were designed to accompany the books: a parent’s guide, plates, bookstand or bookmarks, as well as a special packaging created with the company CYR.

Client: Signo Editores